MCDOT Meeting on New River Road Corridor

August 28th, at New River Elementary School, MCDOT hosted the second of three planned public meetings for information and input on the New River Road Corridor Improvement Project. Two members of DFAC were present (Dan Heim and Scott Loucks) to provide our recommendations on development and lighting. We filled out the usual survey forms, and advocated the use of low-pressure sodium vapor or LED lighting at the new controlled intersections that are part of their improvement plan. As the New River area continues to develop, the need for additional lanes, and controlled intersections, appears to be inevitable. Further, traffic studies show that an increasing number of people are using New River Road (to Carefree HWY) as an alternate route into Phoenix, attempting to avoid the usual bottleneck on I-17.

We spoke with Douglas McCants, a consultant working for MCDOT, about our concerns. In a follow-up email, I reiterated those concerns, also mentioning the Gavilan Peaks Estates development project and its likely impact on traffic flow at the intersection of New River Road and 27th Avenue (something MCDOT's plan did not seem to account for). You can read that correspondence here:

MCDOT-1.doc (30 k)
MCDOT-1.pdf (68 k)

As the New River area (and other parts of the north Valley) continue to grow, we will see its impact on the darkness of our night sky. We can't do that much to stop the growth, but we can attempt to control it, and mitigate the effects of additional lighting. MCDOT wants to listen, but we need to talk.