Local Resistance to the Gavilan Peak Estates Development

When I stopped by the New River Mailbox today, I noticed a poster on their bulletin board (below) that was created by a group of people who pride themselves in being "long-time New River residents" with a concern for preserving our rural lifestyle. I spoke with one of them today, and will speak with others next week. I don't know much about them yet, but as I learn more I'll expand on this section. They don't mention "light pollution" on their poster, but from what I learned today, that is also a concern for them.

To see a larger version of this poster, click here.

More to come as I learn who this group is, and what strategies they have planned to resist this development. Obviously, they recommend contacting our District 3 Representative Andy Kunasek, even though this project has not yet reached the "public hearing" stage. It couldn't hurt to weigh-in with Andy at this time ... he's up for re-election this Fall. Let him know what you think.