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POSTED JAN 9, 2018

For sale: assortment of astronomy hardware no longer needed. Some great prices for great equipment: focusers, eyepieces, filters, mounts.

Offered by Richard Harshaw
cell 480.227.7231

Call for appointment to see. Located in Cave Creek near Cave Creek Road and Carefree Highway (AZ 74)
POSTED DEC 20, 2016

For sale: Celestron HD150 refractor on Celestron CI-700 mount plus many cool accessories.

Details and included accessories are described
in this PDF: HD150.pdf

Asking price: $1000.00 (Check, cash or credit card)
Call for appointment to see. Located in Cave Creek near Cave Creek Road and Carefree Highway (AZ 74)


POSTED SEP 7, 2016

For sale: Meade 10” LX200 classic telescope with the tripod, 120v AC and 12v DC power converters with 25’ power cords, dew shield, 8x50 finder scope, electric focuser, piggy back bracket, and soft sided carrying case. The telescope is in very good condition. I have had the scope for about about 14 or 15 years, haven’t used it for 7 or 8 years. I’m also including a set of Meade ccd color filters, Meade ccd 3.3 focal reducer and ccd variable T-adapter, plus some other equipment. I’m asking $ 1,800.

I am also selling a Pier Tech electric telescoping pier with a Lati-wedge made for the latitude of Sierra Vista. All the hardware, bolts, nuts, washers and plates are with the pier. Pier Tech can make new legs for it to make it correct for anywhere in the world. The pier and wedge have never been used and the only time the pier was out of the box was to take the photos. New today, the pier and wedge are $3,400. I’m asking $2,800.

All the prices are negotiable. All the equipment is in Sierra Vista, AZ. No shipping.

Offerred by Bob Stroxtile
Phone: 520.249.0875
POSTED MAY 14, 2016

For Sale: Celestron Skyris 618C Color CCD Camera

Celestron Skyris 618C color CCD camera

2-meter long shielded USB cable
Driver CD including iCap software and Registax Software
1.25” adapter
Ferrite chokes (two)

For technical specs on the camera, check this URL:

Excellent camera for planetary imaging and high speed imaging. (I have used it for speckle interferometry running shutter speeds as low as 4 milliseconds per frame.) Recent acquisition of a faster monochrome camera for speckle lets me part with the Skyris.

Cable was shielded to help reduce noise from an AM radio station 1 mile from my observatory.


POSTED MAR 6, 2016

Miyauchi 100 mm fluorite APO 45 binocs, comes with 20x & 37x eyepieces, 3x12 finder, and carrying case. Custom HP tripod mount, better than the original. Very good condition. Will deliver to any location in Arizona. Asking $2000 firm.

Phone: 480-671-9085

POSTED MAR 6, 2016

Meade LX200-ACF plus accessories, 4 years old, excellent condition. Prefer to sell entire lot, but feel free to make a reasonable offer on individual components. Pickup in Anthem, AZ ideal to avoid S&H and sales tax.

Full list of equipment and prices here.

Phone: 920-629-2211

POSTED MAR 10, 2015

In April of 1992 I bought a dobsonian telescope with a 17.5" mirror from Coulter Optical. They are no longer in business. I paid $1239.13 for the telescope. (Tax incl.) I have enjoyed using it but no longer have the means to transport it to a dark sky. The telescope needs to be used by someone who can get full use out of it so I am ready to bid farewell. I have just the original eyepiece that came with it. I never bought any extra eyepieces or filters. The overall condition of the telescope is good, but the mirror has never been cleaned.


FOCAL RATIO = F/# = 4.5
AREA LOSS = 5.9%


POSTED JAN 24, 2015

Selling my 14.5" f5.2 Dobsonian with 2" diagonal, asking $2200, need to sell because it has become too much for me to handle. I am the original owner and built it from an AstroSystems TeleKit in 2000. The mirror is by the late Pierre Schwaar. Scope has been well maintained and comes with comes with equatorial platform and XP4 Sky Commander.

This sale includes Telrad, filter slide with UHC and OIII filters, transport box for mirror, shroud, scope coat and other goodies too numerous to mention.

This sale DOES NOT include eyepieces, so you'll need to supply your own.

Will NOT ship but am willing to meet approximately half-way. I live in Phoenix, AZ.

I plan on having it at the 2015 All Arizona Messer Marathon for those interested.

POSTED NOV 10, 2014

For sale: Celestron NexStar C-11 GPS

This scope is about 10 years old, but was well cared for and rarely used. This is an entire package and individual components will not be sold separately. Image is a stock photo from online.

Features and accessories:

1. aperture = 279 mm (10")
2. focal length = 2800 mm, f10
3. 9x50 finder scope
4. 45° star diagonal
5. eyepieces: 9 mm and 40 mm 1.25" Plossl
6. set of 6 color filters
7. tripod included
8. miscellaneous accessories

There might be a problem with the hand-held controller. Or it might be operator error. Otherwise, all components are functional. This item cannot be shipped, and must be picked up in Carefree, AZ.

Price: original cost approximately $3000. Will sell for $900. Price is firm.

POSTED SEP 12, 2014

For Sale: Meade LXD75 Schmidt-Newtonian with Vixen-clone go-to mount. Includes:

Meade Deep Sky Imager CCD
DC power supply capable of running scope and laptop all night
2 sky atlases (Utah and Arizona) and 11 astronomy & astrophotography books
7 Meade Series 4000 occulars (12.4-32 mm), all Super Plossls + Barlow
Canon DSLR T-ring adapter

Selling the whole set of equipment listed above for $1000. Reason for selling: not enough time to stay involved with the hobby, and all this great equipment was just gathering dust.

POSTED JUL 4, 2014

For sale: one Celestron 12 mm orthoscopic eyepiece. 1.25" diameter, fully coated, with protective caps, excellent condition. Experience that high-contrast ortho view with only 4 lens elements between you and your target. A real bargain at $30 (about half price).

POSTED DEC 1, 2013

For sale: Coulter Odyssey II Dob, 17.5" aperture, 2000 mm FL, f.4.5 primary, 2" secondary and 2"/1.25" helical focuser, Meade 9x60 RA finder, home-made off-axis aperture stop for 4" and 6" (which also serves as a lid), and a home-made caster-based platform for ease in moving it around on hard surfaces. Of course it has the original alt-az base, and still moves easily on both axes. It has the classic orange sonotube housing. Collimation is pretty good right now, but I don't own a laser collimator, and it could probably be tweaked a bit. Brand new (1985) it sold for $1195.

It would come with only a single eyepiece: a 2" 50 mm Kelner (manufacturer unknown) that provides a 45-50 degree AFV at 28x, great for extended objects like M31, the Double Cluster, and M81-82.

Now the downside ... the orange vinyl coating is scratched in several places from years of transport, not terribly, but it looks worn in a few spots. No dents. Also, it's still the original 8th-wave mirror, which was awesome in its prime, but needs a re-silvering. The secondary appears in fine shape. Deep sky objects are still great, albeit with slight loss of contrast. Planetary and lunar show some loss of resolution due to the mirror's condition. But still, not bad when using the aperture stops. The mirror is NOT scratched, but suffered from years of storage in Phoenix where condensation of "acid smog" caused etching of the silvering. The mirror was removed and cleaned twice, following recommended procedures. I understand that re-silvering can run a couple hundred for a 17.5" (plus shipping).

Price: $500 firm.