Our meetings are generally open to the public, but we’d love to have you join DFAC. Non-members may attend our meetings, but if we see you often enough, you’ll be encouraged to join. Membership dues cover insurance and other fees, printing costs, web hosting, and membership in the Astronomical League and International Dark-Sky Association. Where else can you attend outstanding astronomy lectures, observing sessions, and social events for a mere $25? See our DFAC EVENTS page for a look at some recent activities.

Membership is open to anyone age 18 or older, and includes your entire household. Our nominal membership term is June 1 through May 31, with renewals due by May 31. This is chosen to match our billing cycle for operating costs. If you join close to mid-season (March-August), you’re good for the entire upcoming season. If you join between September-February, your dues for the remainder of that season will be prorated to 50% ($12.50 Internet or $15.00 USPS). We try to keep things simple. Please note that, if you do not have internet access, and want to receive a printed version of our newsletter via USPS, an additional $5.00 is required to cover printing, processing, and mailing costs.

You can download a DFAC membership application here.