Many of these files are linked to elsewhere on our site, but we provide here a summary of these resources. We hope they will be of use to our guests, and of general interest to all stargazers.

Astronomy Night: Briefing for GuestsAN-1.pdf
Astronomy Night: Briefing for Telescope OperatorsAN-2.pdf
Arizona Revised Statute 49-7: Light PollutionARS-49-7.pdf
Maricopa County Zoning Ordinance 1112: Outdoor Light Control ProvisionsMCZO-1112.pdf
Maricopa County Zoning Ordinance 1401: Outdoor Signage ProvisionsMCZO-1401.pdf
Cochise County Light Pollution CodeCCZO.pdf
The Top 10 Reasons for Not Installing a Dusk-to-Dawn Mercury Vapor Yard LightBadLight.pdf
Case Law Against Light Polluters in ArizonaCaseLaw.pdf
How to Talk to Your Neighbor About a Bad Light: Version 1Neighbor-1.pdf
How to Talk to Your Neighbor About a Bad Light: Version 2Neighbor-2.pdf
Light Pollution Slideshow by Dan Heim (2016)LP.ppt
How to Pronounce Astronomical NamesPronounce.pdf
Sky Quality Meter ManualSQM-1.pdf
Sky Quality Meter DataSQM-2.pdf
Constitution of the Desert Foothills Astronomy ClubConstitution.pdf
DFAC Membership Application FormJoinDFAC.pdf
JavaScript source code for LOCAL TIME & UT