The Desert Foothills Astronomy Club is a non-profit educational and scientific organization that serves as a resource for the north valley. We do not yet hold 501(c)(3) status, so donations confer no tax advantages. But in the grand, cosmic scheme of things, your donations have a significant impact. DFAC provides educational experiences for area schools and civic groups, informs and assists area residents in matters of light pollution, and promotes the hobby of astronomy. To do this in today’s litigious climate, we must carry general liability insurance at a cost of $320/year.

Yet we persevere in the spirit of volunteerism, and because we believe the beauty of the desert night sky is worth preserving and sharing. Your donations help us in our mission, and we here acknowledge, in chronological order, those institutions and individuals that have contributed to our cause.

If you are interested in contributing to DFAC, please contact our Treasurer. Thank you!

Our sincere gratitude to …

henge Heimhenge Enterprises
Dan & Sandi Heim
kenuchu Roger Serrato
fargo The Anthem, AZ Branch of Wells Fargo Bank
Debra Gallegos, Branch Manager
WFB provides free checking for our DFAC business account

The Anthem Civic Building
Taylor McCulley, Civic Building Meeting & Program Manager
ACB provides a classroom for our DFAC Lecture Series, and
DFAC provides educational experiences for the Anthem community

anonymous A really nice person who donates $100 each year,
only occasionally attends our meetings, love the stars,
appreciates what we do to combat light pollution,
and prefers to remain anonymous.