DFAC charter member Ken Reeves has graciously allowed us to post his work here for our edification and enlightenment. Pick a month or a constellation, click on the link, and you’ll be treated to a celestial tour that focuses on deep sky objects worth knowing more about. The content below, representing 7 years of monthly columns, was copied from Ken’s home page (with some reformatting), and is provided as a resource for our members and visitors. Our thanks to Ken for sharing his educational tour of the night sky.

From Ken: Amateur Astronomy is one of my passions.  I haven’t done any astrophotography (except for star trails), so don’t expect a lot of pictures here. One of the projects I did for the Saguaro Astronomy Club was write a monthly column for the newsletter called The Fuzzy Spot.  It was a column about observing what are called “deep sky objects” which include nebulae, star clusters, and galaxies, most of which look like fuzzy spots in the telescope.

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January 1997, Perseus
February 1997, Gemini
March 1997, Monoceros
April 1997, Leo Minor
May 1997, Ursa Major
June 1997, Virgo
July 1997, Scorpius
August 1997, Scutum
September 1997, Lacerta
October 1997, Cepheus
November 1997, Cetus
December 1997, Eridanus
January 1998, Orion
February 1998, Canis Major
March 1998, Camelopardalis
April 1998, Hydra
May 1998, Canis Venatici
June 1998, Boötes
July 1998, Ophiuchus
August 1998, Sagittarius
September 1998, Vulpecula
October 1998, Pegasus
November 1998, Cassiopeia
December 1998, Auriga
January 1999, Lepus
February 1999, Puppis
March 1999, Pyxis
April 1999, Leo
May 1999, Come Berenices
June 1999, Virgo
July 1999, Draco
August 1999, Lyra
September 1999, Aquarius
October 1999, Andromeda
November 1999, Pisces
December 1999, Aries
January 2000, Taurus
February 2000, Cancer
March 2000, Sextans
April 2000, Corvus
May 2000, Ursa Major
June 2000, Coma Berenices
July 2000, Hercules
August 2000, Cygnus
September 2000, Scutum
October 2000, Delphinus
November 2000, Cepheus
December 2000, Perseus
January 2001, Orion (part 1)
February 2001, Orion (part 2)
March 2001, Lynx
April 2001, Crater
May 2001, Ursa Major
June 2001, Centaurus
July 2001, Libra
August 2001, Aquila
September 2001, Sagitta
October 2001, Piscis Austrinus
November 2001, Triangulum
December 2001, Fornax
January 2002, Auriga
February 2002, Canis Major
March 2002, Monoceros
April 2002, Leo
May 2002, Virgo
June 2002, Ursa Major
July 2002, Hercules
August 2002, Sagittarius
September 2002, Cygnus
October 2002, Cepheus
November 2002, Cassiopeia
December 2002, Pegasus
January 2003, Camelopardalis
February 2003, Gemini
March 2003, Antlia/Pyxis
April 2003, Leo Minor
May 2003, Canes Venatici
June 2003, Boötes
July 2003, Ophiuchus
August 2003, Vulpecula
September 2003, Lacerta
October 2003, Aquarius
November 2003, Pisces