If it’s happening in the North Valley, and has anything to do with astronomy, you can read about it here. We maintain this page for the benefit of North Valley residents who value the precious resource of dark night skies, and to showcase some of our public outreach activities. We all moved here to enjoy the rural lifestyle, spacious desert, and starry sky. DFAC is committed to preserving your view of the stars. If you have any relevant news you’d like to post here, any questions about this content, or need more information on any related topic, please contact us.

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May 04, 2012A Closer Look at the CVEMS Exclusion Zone
Apr 30, 2012Our Battle Against Electronic Billboards
Mar 04, 2012Astronomy Night at Archway Academy
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Mar 01, 2010Gavilan Peak Estates Development Update
Nov 07, 2009DFAC Presents Mr. Sun at Anthem Veterans Day Event
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Apr 04, 2009100 Hours of Astronomy: A public event at the New River Kiwanis Community Park
Mar 02, 2009Anthem Cub Scouts View the Stars at Heimhenge
Nov 08, 2008DFAC Presents Mr. Sun at Anthem Veterans Day Event
Sep 05, 2008Local Resistance to the Gavilan Peak Estates Development
Aug 28, 2008MCDOT meeting on New River Road Corridor
Aug 21, 2008New Astronomy Shop in Town [ NOW CLOSED ]
Aug 15, 2008DFAC Registered as "Area of Interest" for Section 35 T7N R2E
Aug 11, 2008Curious Relocation of Public Notice for Gavilan Peak Estates Development
Aug 03, 2008NRDHCA and the Gavilan Peak Estates Development
Jul 30, 2008The Gavilan Peak Estates Development
Jan 01, 2008Imminent Demise of the Dusk-to-Dawn Mercury Vapor Yard Light